4 Signs You Need IT Field Services

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Do I Need IT Field Services?

If you have ever supported remote users, you dread the mid-afternoon phone call informing you that you have a work site down. Left scrambling, you begin to hunt for airfare and checking with your staff to see who’s available to make the trip.

Why stress yourself — and your staff — out? Consider Field Services. Chances are you’ve heard of it, maybe you have industry peers that use it, and maybe you’ve even thought about it.

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Is It Time to Utilize IT Field Services?

1. You are using non-technical employees to do technical tasks

If you have the local office manager crawling around under desks with the help desk on the phone trying to connect a new printer, it might be time to leverage a field services team. Let your employees focus on their jobs and let an experienced and local technician take care of your IT issues.

2. Traveling core members of your IT team to remote locations

Your corporate IT department is too valuable to be taking team members away and flying them around the country. If you consistently have to pull your staff off of their daily responsibilities to send them to remote locations, it might be time to see how IT field services organization can help you.

3. Slow resolution rates in remote facilities

Is the IT department getting a bad wrap in the branch offices? Are your remote employees frustrated when they call into the help desk because they spend more time trying to resolve technical issues over the phone than they do working? If so, it might be time to consider using a field IT support services organization that can provide a qualified technician at your remote office in hours.

4. Nationwide rollouts

Do you have a tight deadline on a nationwide rollout? Does your team need to be in 100 places at once? Let an IT field services organization help. With qualified technicians in every zip code across North America, they can put together a plan of attack that will keep you on time and within budget.

The Take Away

Whether you are supporting remote offices, branch locations, or retail stores, there is no better way to increase the overall satisfaction of your remote users than by putting a friendly face in their office. When issues arise, a local presence can go a long way.

On-Demand IT Field Services gives you the ability to keep you remote locations online and productive by leverage our nationwide network of technicians. Dispatch a technician to your location today!

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