Managed Backup

The managed backup solution provides backup and restoration services for both workstations and servers. We utilize direct remote backup for workstations and an on-premise backup for large amounts of data generated on file servers, by databases, and for other applications. Buchanan’s selected toolset utilizes Disk Image Backups of whole virtual (and sometimes physical) machines, and backup and restoration is performed using an on-site BDR.

Anti-Virus Protection

The anti-virus protection scans devices on-access and on-demand, resolves failed updates and issues with virus outbreaks, and protects your systems by providing daily automatic virus definition updates. Workstation and server security protection events are logged and available for executive summary and detailed management reporting. Server protection uses centrally managed, defined, and deployed, profiles using a console interface and changes automatically update all servers using that profile.

Managed Monitoring Solutions

Buchanan will provide proactive monitoring and end-to-end support for network components including routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points/wireless LAN controllers (WAPs/WLCs). Services include health monitoring, incident management, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support.

Patching Services

Our Patch Management Program consists of three levels of patching; Basic, Standard, and Advanced. Each patching type has unique characteristics – but the underlying goal is the same – to provide effective patch management, patch validation, and remediation services. Our Managed Services team reviews your servers monthly or quarterly, depending upon your patching requirements, scans your systems for the current patches on the devices, and ensures all patches are up to date.

Ransomeware Protection

Buchanan’s ransomware protection services protect your servers and desktops by utilizing industry leading software (Sophos) that monitors your network to block ransomware and malware infections. The infections are identified and prevented by using the handful of techniques and behaviors used in almost every exploit, protecting you from attacks such as the recent wanna cry ransomware attacks that effected so many organizations.

Server Management

Windows Server Management supports Windows Server 2008, 2012, and 2016, and includes health checks, monitoring and alerting, incident management, and incident response. Our solution provides incident management through resolution, system management subject matter expert (SME) support, escalations to vendors, internal resources, and 3rd parties. Earlier server versions which are no longer supported by Microsoft can be supported on a best effort basis.

IT Service Desk

Buchanan offers Weekends, After-Hours, or a Full 24/7 support solution for your IT Service Desk needs and boasts a 96.1% customer satisfaction rating across all clients. Our solution provides technical support to your end users from our help desk team of HDI Certified agents, and recipients of the 2017 Pinnacle of Excellence Award. Buchanan uses an ITIL-based ticketing system through Remedy ITSM, or if preferred, we can use your in-house tool. We are an ISO/ISE 20000-1:2011 certified help desk and currently support over 30,000 users, while also providing top-notch reporting to management teams.