Managed Backup

Does your current backup solution successfully run and verify success?  Can you restore quickly in the event of a failure?  Can you replicate backups remotely?  If you answered no to any of these questions, you need a Buchanan Technologies' Managed Backup solution.

Our Managed Backup solution includes our global team based approach in monitoring and management, offering not only a reduction in spend for your organization, but it also ensures that critical systems are backed up and able to be restored quickly.  A much needed assurance in every organization.  In addition, incremental updates to the backup solution are customizable on a per back up job basis to ensure the most critical systems can be recovered with very little, or no loss of data.

The Buchanan team not only monitors and manages, but we offer monthly reporting and statistics that offers leadership teams the consultative approach needed to manage upcoming spend, set up a solid managed backup solution, and most of all provide the peace of mind that all system backups are complete.


  • Server backups including applications and configurations.
  • Quick restoration of servers including applications.
  • Workstation backups focused on user files and folders.
  • Provides all backup management, hardware and software.
  • Monthly backup reporting and verification.
  • 100% managed service with corrective actions.
  • Fully monitored and managed Cloud DR replication jobs.


  • Provides peace of mind that system backups are complete.
  • No internal IT resources are required.
  • Controls costs since all hardware, software and services are included.
  • Allows for safe and secure backup of servers and applications.
  • Frees schedules of local IT resources to work on other pressing priorities.
  • Addresses aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).
  • Offers a consultative approach to setting up a backup solution - multiple methods for backup and restoration of data.
  • Provides backup job replication to remote cloud based data center with option to select location if required.

Whether you need On-Premise backups, Cloud backups or a hybrid of both, the Buchanan managed backup solution is managed and monitored to verify each backup and replication job completes successfully with corrective actions being taken upon incident.