Cloud Disaster Recovery

Buchanan’s Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution delivers a reliable and secure image, including customizable incremental back up and cloud replication. It utilizes a lower cost architecture which is deployable and expanded in the instant of a disaster, and it drives a framework that deploys workloads on demand in critical times. Our team ensure critical data is replicated, securely stored, and always available for disaster recovery.

We follow the Buchanan methodology scope to work through the relevant parts of our solution offering that includes the discover design, and deployment phases to your plan.  This methodology ensures that all applications, workloads and infrastructure elements have been considered.  Beyond that, if you need monthly management of your plan, Buchanan offers monthly monitoring or complete managed services that can assist your needs.

We utilize our key partnerships with Microsoft and IBM to deliver our Disaster Recovery programs with best in breed cloud solutions:

cloud disaster recoverydisaster recovery cloud solutions


The discovery phase will identify all key systems and applications that are critical to your environment, as well as prioritize the importance of their need in a Disaster Recovery Cloud Solutions situations.


In the design phase, Buchanan uses our competencies in building other cloud Disaster Recovery solutions to identify the right architecture and platform that you need for a functional Disaster Recovery plan that takes advantage of Cloud.


In the deployment phase, a complete managed backup is created which provides you, the customer, a backup solution that replicates key workloads offsite, and provides software bases solutions that automate Disaster Recover replication and failover to the Cloud.


Where many other providers build your Disaster Recovery Plan, Buchanan will Develop, Build and then maintain on a monthly management with scheduled backups, meaningful reports and overall peace of mind that when you need it, your DR plan will be reliable, functional quickly deployed.