Cloud Migration

Buchanan’s Cloud Migration solution includes an end to end solution of all critical applications, network and storage connectivity into a cloud environment using best in breed Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer. Whether you are looking for an O365 migration or looking to move an on premise infrastructure to an IaaS, Buchanan’s team of experts can assist with a full or partial migration.  Our services include complete migration of all physical and virtual servers, as well as key and critical applications.


In the discover phase of cloud migration, our architects establish a complete inventory that includes source, destination and connectivity that identifies the best migration strategy, the organizations needs, and the best tools needed to support the migration.


Throughout development, a detailed migration schedule is created that offers the least amount of impact and down time to your complete environment. All elements are grouped by order of importance and criticality to ensure end users have the least amount of impact and the entire process is seamless.


In validation, we identify all storage and network connectivity and confirm tool readiness. We then conduct pilot implementations to test downtimes and accuracies.


In the end, you have a complete and comprehensive end to end cloud migration that includes server validation, testing and user acceptance.


  • No upfront capital costs
  • Assigned Project Manager to oversee every aspect of the migration
  • Immediate access to systems through cloud environment
  • Flexible scheduling around specific needs and environment
  • Simultaneous migrations through large Buchanan footprint
  • No long term contracts