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Mississauga Managed Services: Server, Network, Desktop, and Cloud

We offer a variety of managed services in Mississauga, whether you are a local business or national one, each tailored to your individual business needs. At Buchanan Technologies, we are committed to finding the best way to simplify your daily IT workload. We want to provide IT services that allow you to handle data and IT infrastructure in a way that benefits your business. That’s why we have partnered with local and international technology firms like Microsoft to provide enhanced services for the benefit of all our customers, big or small.

Our Mississauga managed IT services fall into four main categories: Server, Network, Desktop, and Cloud. For each of these managed services we provide complete offsite and onsite support, depending on your IT needs. Local businesses in Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa, to name a few, can use our services in Mississauga without needing to worry about full-time IT support, network delays, or issues rolling out new technology. We also have a nationwide network of IT staff in order to provide support to any client across Canada or the United States.

Below is a more detailed list of our Mississauga managed IT service offerings and how our services fall in line with Microsoft’s toolset to provide our customers with a better experience and easier time with IT management.

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Managed Server

Good server health is crucial for any modern business. Whether you have a distributed network with dozens of remote offices or just need assistance maintaining your main datacenter, we have a service for you. Servers need to be handled as gently as possible, as small errors and distributed data can wreak havoc on your daily operations and bottom line. If you use our Mississauga managed IT service we will monitor the health and operations of your servers, notify you of any issues, and completely manage any patches, threats, or backups on your system. These are a few categories that our server services fall into:

  • Threat Protection
  • Monitoring
  • Management (Windows and Linux based servers)
  • Patching
  • Backup and Restoration

This is a high-level overview of our server services. It is not complete, but it does provide a general idea of how many parts of daily server management we can handle for you. Within each of these services, we offer personalized options so you can tailor our services to your individual needs. From the simple to the complex, our team is here to help you manage your infrastructure smoothly and painlessly.

Managed Network Devices

Your network is the heart of your business. It is how you share and receive documents from other offices and how you transmit final projects to clients. If your network goes down, so does your company. With our remote monitoring network manager services, we can ensure you do not ever have to worry about your network. Our teams will manage network patching, monitoring, and new office rollouts to make your life easier. Below is a list of hardware that we can monitor and manage:

  • Router
  • Core Switches
  • Access Switches
  • Firewalls
  • WAPs/WLCs

For each of these devices, we offer monitoring and configuration support, as well as automated alerts in case any issues like threats or impacts on network health arise. We will ensure your network operates at peak performance each day by monitoring and updating it as necessary. We will be checking for bugs and problems, patching, and sending you regular status updates if errors occur.

Managed Desktop

Your local desktop computers are the crux of daily workflow in each office. Without them nothing would get done. Unfortunately, it can be tough to keep every desktop on the same schedule with updates, patches, and new software installations. Your local hardware needs to be operating in peak condition to ensure your business is always ahead of the curve. That is why we offer remote and on-site desktop support for every employee in the following broad categories:

  • Threat Protection
  • Patch Management
  • Backup and Restoration

Most employees are not able to manage their desktop software and keep up with daily tasks. This can result in outdated programs creating errors in critical project documents or file version differences. We will assist your team in staying up-to-date and on top of current software updates for the benefit of your business. We will push out patches and updates at times that work best for you and will not inhibit daily workflow. We want to keep your business running smoothly, so let us manage your hardware in the background while you focus on daily operations.

Partnering with Microsoft

Companies like Microsoft provide a wide range of services for large and small businesses. Services like cloud storage, data migration, and data storage are designed to assist businesses in seamlessly managing their distributed data across a global enterprise. That’s why we have partnered with Microsoft to improve our services and create better environments for our customers. We can assist customers in using Microsoft services and integrating Microsoft applications into their existing infrastructure. We work with the following services and applications:

  • Cloud Service Provider
  • SQL server upgrades
  • SharePoint
  • Office365
  • Skype for Business
  • Azure Cloud

These are just a few of the ways we assist our customers in using Microsoft services. We can help you with setting up Microsoft applications for your entire company, or migrating data into the cloud, or upgrading your server, and much more. Our skills fall perfectly in line with the Microsoft toolset, which means we are a great fit for those companies looking to make use of Microsoft applications. Our knowledge of the Microsoft toolset makes it easier to provide upgrades throughout your infrastructure. We are proud to work closely with the Microsoft team in Toronto to provide the best possible services we can for your company.

Professional Managed IT Services in Mississauga

Our company was founded on the principle of people. We want to help people, locally or nationally, to grow. Businesses big and small keep our countries running, and we want to keep those businesses running. IT management can be tricky and with so many pieces of hardware and software available it can be tough to tell what is best for your company. We are here to help. We want to make upgrading and updating your infrastructure as stress-free as possible. Whether you need short on-site support or permanent staff, we have got you covered.

Simply put, let us focus on the complicated IT work so you can do what you do best: running your business. We will take care of the users and the infrastructure in the background so your daily operations are never interrupted. Good IT management is crucial for success in today’s economy, so let us handle it for you.

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