Top 9 Dallas Music Festivals and Keeping Your Devices Safe

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There’s no doubt that Dallas music festivals draw a crowd, and with it some risk to attendees’ tech.

From the North Texas Jazz Festival to the Dallas International Guitar Festival, there’s something for everyone who loves music. But with great music comes great risk – especially when it comes to your data security.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top 9 Dallas music festivals and how you can avoid any IT risks while enjoying the show.

The Top 9 Best Dallas Music Festivals and IT Risks to Avoid

1. Dallas International Guitar Festival

This Texas music festival typically takes place every April or May at the Dallas Market Hall, bringing together some of the best guitar players and vendors in the world.

This buy, sell, trade event is a great place to locate all things guitar-related (and although yummy eats may be available at local  food trucks ), there’s also a risk of unsecured WiFi access points. Make sure to use a VPN when connecting to any public networks, and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your devices.

2. North Texas Jazz Festival

Held annually at the University of North Texas in Denton, this festival brings in a musical lineup of jazz greats from around the globe for three jam-packed days of music.

But with so many people and music fans converging on one location all weekend long , it also opens up opportunities for device thieves. Many people pop a squat under a tree for the day, near the main stage and then roam. You want to come early and stay all day to get a good spot, but keep all devices secure and out of sight when not in use, and consider using a tracker app in case your device does get stolen.


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3. Dallas Music Festival and Conference

This festival is all about the music industry, with panels, workshops, and networking opportunities for musicians and those involved in the business side of things.

But it’s important to remember that pocket scanners can easily access any information stored on your credit cards or IDs. Keep physical forms of payment secure at all times, and never give out personal information to anyone you don’t completely trust.

4. Dallas Bach Society Music Festival

Held every spring at Dallas’ beautiful Meyerson Symphony Center, this festival celebrates the works of J.S. Bach as well as other classical composers.

This event attracts affluent music enthusiasts and most attendees are likely to bring their own mobile devices for sharing pictures and videos. It’s important to remember that these devices may not have proper cyber security protection. Make sure all devices are up to date with the latest security updates, and avoid connecting to any unknown or unsecured WiFi networks.

5. Dallas MusicFest

This Dallas summer music festival brings in a wide variety of musical acts, from country music superstars to indie rock bands.

But with so many people downloading music and videos at the festival, there’s also a risk of corrupted files. Only download content from trusted sources, and make sure your antivirus software is up to date before attending the festival.

6. Lights All Night

Dallas’ longest running New Years Eve EDM festival , Lights All Night brings in some of the biggest names in electronic dance music.

But with so many people carrying their phones and mobile devices at electronic music festivals in Dallas like this one, there’s a risk of phone scams or phishing attempts. Make sure to only click on trusted links and never give out personal information over text or email.

Also, at this Dallas electronic music festival , consider turning off Bluetooth connections to avoid any unauthorized access to your device.

7. Dallas Jazz and Blues Festival

Held every May at Dallas’ historic Kiest Park, this festival showcases jazz and blues musicians from all over the world.

But with such a large crowd gathering in one location, pickpocketing can become an issue. Keep all wallets and personal items securely stored, and consider wearing a money belt or using a secure wallet case to protect your cards and cash.

8. Dallas Cinco de Mayo Festival

This annual festival celebrates Mexican culture with music, food, and drinks in Dallas’ historic West End district.

However, there’s also a risk of falling victim to fraudulent vendors or scams at the festival. Only buy from trusted vendors and never give out personal information, including credit card numbers, to anyone you don’t know.


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Also be wary of ATMs at the festival – consider withdrawing cash before attending to avoid skimming devices on ATM machines.

9. Dallas Red River Music Festival

Held every September at Dallas’ Main Street Garden Park, this summer music festival in Dallas features a mix of local and national acts in genres such as folk, indie rock, and Americana.

But with so many people using their mobile devices to capture the music and atmosphere of the festival, it’s important again to remember the risk of unsecured WiFi access points. Avoid connecting to any unknown or unsecured networks, and consider using a personal hotspot for accessing the internet on your device.

Dallas Music Festivals

Protecting Sensitive Devices at Dallas Music Festivals with the Help of a Leading MSP

So while Dallas has some amazing music festivals, it’s important to stay vigilant when it comes to protecting your data.

And if you’re heading to any music festivals in Dallas this weekend (or have employees who are) you may want to give some consideration to the myriad IT risks associated with these otherwise very fun events.

With the help of a qualified IT support provider in Dallas like Buchanan by your side, we can help you protect all of your employees’ devices with managed endpoint device security and up-to-date antivirus software.

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