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Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island IT Support Company

A small community of roughly 36,000*, but with all the amenities and entertainment of large cities. Charlottetown is known for quality of life, and offers cultural opportunities through arts, entertainment and nightlife, as well as a vast array of restaurants. The city is located just on the eastern shore of Canada, roughly 30 miles from our Montague, PEI location, and both locations serve as failover locations for the other.

Charlottetown is the key service arm for our Higher Education customers, offers after hours and 24-hour services to many customers and is known for their excellent customer service scores. Buchanan believes that training is key and therefore requires all service desk agents at Charlottetown and other locations to be HDI Certified, allowing consistent processes and levels of services to the companies we support. The Charlottetown location services over 50 customers.

Buchanan Technologies
Charlottetown Location

176 Great George St. Avenue
Box 24/Suite 406

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 9S2
Toll Free: (888) 730-2774

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