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Our Charlotte, North Carolina location is well known for being the main Service Delivery Center to the automotive industry customers. Located just off Independence Blvd. (Hwy 74) and Monroe Rd, southwest of downtown Charlotte, this center houses much of our support team for our automotive customers. The location was obtained by Buchanan from an acquisition back in 2010 and is a pinnacle factor in the establishment of Buchanan’s on-site services line knows as Field Services. The automotive industry had a high demand for IT Technicians to come on site to support free standing dealerships in locations other than a headquarters, and Buchanan’s team fill that need.

Charlotte has strong financial roots, being the hub for USAir, the home of many NASCAR teams, and the home of many global headquarters. It is also knows for his philanthropic community, which Buchanan supports. The office houses a combination of managed services technicians, service delivery managers, sales team members and field service technicians, among others.

Buchanan Technologies
Charlotte Location

1805 Sardis Rd. North
Suite 135

Charlotte, NC 28270
Phone: (972) 869-3966
Fax: (972) 869-3975
Toll Free: (888) 730-2774

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