Buchanan Technologies’ TOSCO Field Services Starts Installation and Maintenance Services for Curves’ CurvesSmart Systems

Buchanan Technologies, a leading enterprise IT services and solutions firm, is excited to announce that its TOSCO Field Services line of business has officially started installing and maintaining Curves’ CurvesSmart Systems. Curves is a leader in the fitness and weight management category and one of the largest fitness clubs chains in the world for women. In early July, TOSCO Field Services was named as the sole authorized service provider for installing and maintaining Curves’ CurvesSmart System, which is a state-of-the-art personal coaching system that is incorporated with Curves’ 30-minute workout circuits. The TOSCO Field Services team will service CurvesSmart Systems at thousands of Curves clubs across the U.S. and Canada. “Being named the sole installation and maintenance provider for Curves’ CurvesSmart System is a big deal for us,” said Rick Martin, Vice President of Field Services for Buchanan Technologies. “Over the last few years, we’ve provided several of our IT services to Curves. I feel that being asked to execute this ongoing project is a reflection of the trust and confidence that Curves has in our ability to deliver high-quality IT services to their club owners.” Since July, over 100 of TOSCO’s technicians have been going through Curves’ certification process for the CurvesSmart System — with more technicians signing-up daily to meet the growing demand for installation and maintenance. As an extra service feature, these technicians have also been trained to provide routine maintenance for the Curves circuit equipment. “We are more than happy to help Curves club owners focus on running and growing their business,” added Mr. Martin. “We’re looking forward to building a strong and long-lasting relationship with Curves club owners. We want them to be able call us when they need us, and know that we will take care of their IT needs and their exercise equipment in a fast and quality-focused manner.” For more information on TOSCO Field Services, visit tosco.buchanan.com.